If you have the means, the addition of luxury features is a nice touch and advantageous in many ways for your custom home. Using the best available products, technology and materials to design and build your home, you can make a nice sanctuary for your entire family that will absolutely be perfect. These features will improve every aspect of your home from the bottom up. They can include upgrading the interior, expanding the square footage and the establishment of a gourmet kitchen that might make most professional chefs quite envious.

Gourmet Luxury Kitchens

If you are the kind of person that enjoys cooking and entertaining guests in your home, the addition of a gourmet kitchen is definitely a plus factor. Send your evening dinner and brunches to the next level by having your custom homebuilder design you a luxury gourmet kitchen.

Essential features to have are:

  • Top-of-the-line appliances and industrial-strength ventilation. Some of the appliances may include a professional-grade range, double oven, convection microwave and drawer, warming drawer and a dishwasher drawer
  • Lots of storage space and a walk-in pantry
  • Top quality countertop materials like quartz which are an excellent choice as they do not require any sealing and are less porous compared to natural stone
  • Up to 4x the amount of lighting compared to a typical kitchen which can include task lighting that concentrates light on a specific work space
  • A couple of island areas for more counter space
  • Above lighting for cabinetry
  • Lighting below toe kick
  • A variety of sinks for food prep and cleanup
  • Full-height stone backsplash
  • Generous kitchen layout

Indoor Sport Courts

This is best for folks that are physically active and enjoy sports. The main advantages of having your very own indoor sports court are: being able to play all year round regardless of weather, kids do not have to leave the house just to practice, can have people over to play, a perfect way to relieve stress at the beginning or end of your work day.

In Home Theaters

For movie buffs, having your own in-home theater can be a dream come true. What better way to indulge in your favorite hobby than by actually getting the feel of a real movie theater without having to leave your house? By getting a home theater you can have a more relaxed viewing atmosphere as you can kick back and do whatever you prefer without having to follow any rules in the cinema. You no longer have to waste time traveling to and from your local cinema as you can do everything right in the comfort of your own custom home. You also save money on tickets and snacks and choose your own films. Home theaters are considered timeless additions to any custom home as they provide a perfect area for family to bond and spend quality time together.

Wine Cellar

A wine cellar for your custom home is a great addition

If you are the type of person that is into wine, what better way to indulge your wine fantasies than having your very own wine cellar constructed in your custom home. Your custom homebuilder can provide you with excellent recommendations in ensuring your precious wine collection stay fresh and get better with age. This is something any wine aficionado should have.

Wine cellars can prevent your wine from spoiling, can allow you to get more organized with your collection and offer a huge space to store big quantities of wine.

Expansion of Outdoor Living Spaces

Some of the cool luxury additions include outdoor kitchens, waterfalls, swimming pool, changing cabanas and hot tubs. By expanding your outdoor living space you are also able to maximize every square inch of your lot area, strengthen connection with Mother Nature and the ability to entertain outdoors even if the weather is not that all good. Talk to your custom homebuilder today for more information about these amazing ideas.