How to design a smart home

With technology today getting more sophisticated, it is no wonder that tech for homes have also evolved through the years. There are a lot of tech companies today that create and market products for use in the home making living in houses equipped with “smart” technology more energy efficient, safer and more useful. Here are some tips on how to design a “smart” home.

Home Automation

You can ask your new homebuilder to integration home automation technology into your home. Home automation basically lets you control your home’s basic features using a device or an app on your phone. Home automation can make your home more secure and can make regular tasks easier to accomplish. A well-designed home automation system offers several components that allow the system to work together in unison. Normally, it calls for at least a single programmed computer, devices that are controlled by that computer and wireless links or interconnecting cables. The system also requires stable Internet as well as an emergency back-up system.

A good home automation system is the central feature of any “smart” home. There are a lot of things you can do with this setup to make your home function like a living organism keeping you and your family safer and use energy more efficiently.

Lighting Control

This is a popular smart home feature. Advanced lighting can be controlled using an app on your phone with the purpose of turning on or off the lights in your house with a single push of a button. This is also the same app you can use to dim or adjust your lighting to just the right level. Your lights can also be preprogrammed to change depending on the time of day or even season. They can be controlled remotely. For instance, you are away on vacation and discovered that you have left the lights on in the kitchen. Using home automation technology, you can just launch an app on your phone to determine if indeed those lights are on and turn them off remotely.

Temperature Control

Also, in addition to lighting, home automation can assist you in controlling the thermostat. Gaining constant access and control over your home’s temperature can provide you and your family with the ultimate comfort. It can also help in reducing your utility costs.

Take Entertainment to the Next Level

You can also integrate a fully automated home entertainment system that can be controlled using your smartphone. With this technology, you can get rid of all remote controls and just use a single app on your phone to control your TV, gaming systems and home theater system.

Whole House Audio

If you love music, why not have the ability to listen to music all throughout your home. Smart technology can incorporate stereo speakers and the ability to control them all in a single device. You can have music on full blast in the kitchen while making dinner and off in your baby’s room while he is sleeping. You can also get some background music and ambient sounds going on while you work in your home office.

Better Security

Smart technology’s best selling points are of course in the realm of security in order to make your home more secure against intruders. Smart cameras can be placed in different areas of your home and then stream video to a single device. You can also check the camera feed anytime even if you are halfway around the world. This provides you with more confidence to ensure everyone in your home is safe and secure. Motion sensors placed on strategic areas and designed to be turned on at certain times of the night can set off a silent alarm to protect your family. Talk to your new homebuilder today about the different features available to be integrated in your new home.